Tuesday, September 23, 2008

On blogging more often

Yea, I write all sorts of stuff for a living so I neglect my blog(s) (my company blog is also pretty sad right now). So, I decided I should blog more often. I also think I may use WordPress instead...can I say that on here? Will they kick me off blogspot?

So a few observations...

1) Name dropping on your cellphone at 7:22 p.m. on a Tuesday at LAX...who are you impressing lady? Me and the old guy who is asleep next to me?

2) I really wish baby carrots were a standard sale at the airport. I have been without those for the last week.

3) Annoyed when I get forwarded on my iphone (not by the forwarder but by the article itself) yet another article about how Millennials suck...I hope my response gets published this time.

4) I shop online a lot. Like right now.

5) Continental Airlines has a slogan flashing on their monitors: "Work hard. Fly right." That's why I do not fly continental. Oh, and they do not have mood lighting and plugs for my laptop. I even put up with the Southwest cattle call over flying Continental.

6) I am scanning emails and have a lot of bullshitting to do this week.